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Travel Scholarship Will Help Students Attend Dredging Conference

PIANC USA is fundraising for the Student Travel Scholarship Fund and has made a promising start so early in the year! Already more than $800 has been collected as of January 30th, but we are still in need in more donations to support students to attend PIANC’s Dredging 2012 Conference in San Diego, CA. Our goal is $5,000 by October 2012!

All it takes is about five minutes and you can make a tax-deductible contribution to the PIANC USA Student Travel Scholarship Fund. Should you wish to support PIANC USA in this way, you may send a check made out to: U.S. Section PIANC, 7701 Telegraph Rd Casey Bldg., Alexandria, VA 22315.*

At last year’s Smart Rivers conference in New Orleans, PIANC USA was happy to fund six students (over $4,000) to travel to and attend the conference. Most of the students attended from Mississippi State University, but we had one from Rutgers University and even the Budapest University of Technology and Economics!

Thank you to those who have already made a donation to this year’s fund — you are helping to support the future of your profession and are making a difference in a student’s life!

  • Dr. Thomas Wakeman, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • John Pisani, PIANC Life Member
  • Harry Cook, PIANC Life Member
  • Charles Lehman, PIANC Life Member
  • Kelly Barnes, USACE
  • John Lyons, LLMC
  • Dimitrios Pachakis, Moffatt and Nichol
  • Diana Hallman, Web and Writing Solutions
  • Dr. Craig Philip, Ingram Barge Co.
  • Stan White, Ocean Coastal Consultants, Inc.
  • S. Kyle McCay, USACE
  • Dr. Robert Randall, Texas A&M University

*Contributions to or for the use of the U.S. Section, PIANC, for exclusively public purposes, are deductible in the manner and to the extent provided in Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code (United States Section PIANC Tax ID # 91-2003558).




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